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We offer consulting and service in the field of address management. This includes address checking and correction, searching for duplicates (golden record), conformity checking and much more. more

Address Verification

Address Verification during data entry immediately checks whether your input is valid. Your address entry will be standardized and - as far as possible - corrected. This gives you great advantages: you have the correctly spelled address, which improves deliverability (and reduces returns) and you also have a better-maintained database for your processes. ... free test


The Address-Standardization product provides various standardized spellings from an input line. That enables you various inputs to check for a certain equivalence ... free test


Address Evaluation compares two input lines and calculates a similarity value (Score). This gives you great advantages: You can use this function to automatically check whether an entry is similar to a reference line. ... free test


A database that is free of duplicates saves time and money. We support you in cleansing your database once and then keeping it permanently clean. The processing is based on a fault-tolerant search that is optimized for address data.